We look for people who are ambitious and want to develop their career while making a strong contribution to OTFC’s long-term, sustainable growth. To ensure we achieve this growth in the right way, we place great emphasis on our values, and are committed to applying the highest standards while helping our clients. We want our people to feel able to speak up for what is right and have passion to pursue continuous improvement with the growth of the company. Joining OTFC will give you the chance to work in a supportive and inclusive environment in which we seek to develop and promote people based on merit. We will provide you with tailored training and support to help you identify and follow your chosen career path, as well as access to a range of market-competitive benefits.


Rewarding your contribution

OTFC offers a comprehensive, market-competitive pay and benefits package to support employees’ professional and personal needs.

  • Fixed pay
  • Employee share plans and discretionary pay awards based on performance
  • Annual leave
  • A range of benefits, which may cover areas such as work-life balance, insurance and savings, health and personal development

If you have expertise in receivables finance & structural trade finance, and have working experiences in banks especially international business management, pls do not hesitate to contact us and email your application to william.xu@orienttradefinance.com 

东方贸融提供全面的、具有市场竞争力的薪酬和福利组合,以支持员工的职业和个人需求。1.固定薪酬  2.员工持股计划和基于绩效的酌情薪酬奖  3.年假  4.一系列福利,基本上涵盖了劳逸结合、保险、储蓄、健康和个人发展等


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