Found by Professionals from Trade Finance Area

William Xu found the company of OTFC from year 2012. The company’s main focus has from the outset been on export financing in the broader sense. Until 2017, the services include forfaiting arrangement and trade finance advisory services, something that can now be offered in collaboration with partner companies.

Operate by qualified practitioners with professional experiences

William Xu has more than 30 years working experiences in trade finance area and held high mangers position in the international banks, including OCBC, Credit Suisse, ABN.AMRO, and Commerzbank. Both the requisite theoretical knowledge and many years of practical experience in the fields of trade finance, structured trade finance, receivables finance have been acquired while leading the international business and product management in Commerzbank, Shanghai, China. OTFC also has a dedicated team, which offers professional solutions and happy to help you with any enquiries you may have. A global network with connections to countries such as Africa, Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East supported us to provide the reliable and competitive financial solutions.

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