We offer one-stop Trade Finance solution

Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME), which intend to have a one-stop financial support, may use the related advisory services of OTFC. We assist in providing tailor-made trade finance solution to support your entire trade cycle, which can be defined as: the time period between the start of the supply chain-the ordering of goods and raw materials-and the receipt of payment for the corresponding sales of finished products.



One of the key service is help our clients to develop proposals for the optimum structure of the transaction and provide the required documentation. Taking account of the tenor, amount, country risk of the involving transactions, We offer exporters an initial risk assessment and recommend a maximum credit term including indicative pricing. We also estimate the possibility to successfully place the receivable from such a deal with investors internationally. Except providing the advisory service based on case by case concrete transaction, the training program is also available to our clients with the aim improving expertise of their staffs.


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