Factoring “finance without recourse”

We Help Our Clients Maximize Their Success in International Transactions

Do you have potential concerns about…?

  • Delay in Collection of Payment
  • Unknown Country Risks
  • Time Consuming in Tax Refund
  • Changes in Forex rates, and Political & Commercial Risks

Factoring is the purchase of an exporter’s receivables without recourse by paying the value of an invoice less a discount for commission and fees.

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Factoring Benefits

OTFC arranges factoring transactions for exporters, which advance 80%-95% of invoiced amount to the exporter while taking credit default risk on the importer. The tailored advisory service provides clients with a short-term solution. We contribute ourselves to create win-win situations where exporters can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Confidence enhancement in sales to countries of high risks on O/A terml
  • Immediate Capital Inflow
  • Elimination of Forex and Credit Risks
  • Optimization of Balance Sheet
  • Reduction in administration and collection burden

Factoring Arrangement

It is more effective to approach us during your sales contract negotiation with your trade partner. By simply providing below key information, we could suggest an estimated financial cost if factoring is applicable.

  • Import Country
  • Importer’s Name
  • Type of Goods
  • Value of the Goods
  • Expected Shipment Date
  • Repayment Terms

You can expect to receive the advanced payment (less commission and fees) after presenting the complying documents. Since factoring is the purchase of receivables on a without recourse basis, you will be free of taking importer’s possible default risks.



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